Joining Professional Forces - DaVintage Divas

Now what you can do is think of other creative women entrepreneurs as ‘competition’… or you can think of them as like minded spirits and join forces bringing your innovative one-of-a-kind creations and present them to the public in a joint venture.

Joining forces with a local entrepreneur is exactly what I did. In welcoming my colourful artistic friend Mary, we brought together both of our creations, gave ourselves a kitchy name and had a sale that brought in an eclectic gang of people of all demographics to view and purchase our pieces all in one place.

Our maiden voyage was our Halloween sale at the end of October. We needed a name though. We needed the public to know that Rhonda of Country Chic and Mary of Mary’s Thrifty Boutique (both home based businesses), have bonded and are having a spectacular sale. Hmmm…what could we come up with? 

Well, it didn’t take long for a mutual customer and now a close friend to both Mary and I, Terri to come up with a name. With both Mary and I being artists and also divas in our own right, Terri came up with the name DaVintage Divas…and so our partnership was born!

 We staged our pieces throughout my shop…mixed and matched…piled and stacked until the shop was filled with colourful retro, shabby chic, vintage, kitch & boho to the rafters. Mary and I utilized social media to the max and advertised wherever we could for free…we built it and they came! In droves…from all over the province…small towns and cities. Mary and I also invited five other artists to complement our pieces and we had a ball. We sold…we chatted…we networked and made new friends and business leads. The sale was a win win event! So why the heck wouldn’t we do it again? What are we nuts? 

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we found ourselves in the perfect position to host yet another event. So the DaVintage Divas were at it again…creating a festive atmosphere here in the shop to lure the ‘out of the box’ consumer into our event. Not only did we have another incredibly successful sale…we out did ourselves!! Another roaring success…and for that, we are grateful.

 We brought in two new artists Marcelo (not a diva :) but a good friend and a talented Uruguayan painter that has to be brought to the public’s attention. Not only is he a wonderful family man he’s an incredible talent. We also brought in a sweet young friend Kiah who blew us away with her window paintings. Both new friends sold pieces at the event.

 If at any time, I had thought of my artistic friends as competition, I wouldn’t have been in a collective partnership of this magnitude. I would still be just me…which in my opinion, can be a wee bit boring on my own haha. I am grateful and celebrate all of our spirits…together we are artists.

 Peace Rhonda xx

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