Re-Love ~ Re-Purposed ~ Re-Cycle...and trying to Remember

Hi All

I've taken my sweet time to write. Instead of excuses, I'll be posting pictures for your viewing enjoyment ;) (hopefully)

Since I haven't written since April, I've completed too many transformations to remember, so I will share two of my favourites.

Have you ever tried to pry veneer off a vintage piece of furniture? Well, it's one of the most difficult tasks to take on if you want to re-purpose a piece that might otherwise end up in a junk pile or a fire pit. Although the process took days, it worked perfectly. The top of the side board cupboard, in the picture below, was damaged on half. So if half of the top is damaged, the whole top has to be removed. But let me tell you, the effort was so worth it. The end result was a beautifully transformed piece that adorns the dining area of my friend Ana's home.

My second piece was a yard sale find. What a steal it was. The owner hated it!! I have a feeling that it was his ex-wife's vanity...she moved out and she must have left it behind. This vanity was in nearly perfect condition. It just needed a wee bit of wood filler and some sanding. This beauty sold in record time. Geeze, why don't I ever keep some of these pieces for myself? Oh right...I'm the chick that buys, re-purposes and sells furniture for a living ~ grin ~

Till next transformation....

LoVe Rhonda

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