The Cupcake Girls visit Country Chic

I had a wonderful summer and fall filming the OWN Canada reality show the Million Dollar Neighbourhood. What are the chances of being able to be on a reality television show that is filmed right in your hometown? One reason I became a part of the show was to learn how to manage my finances and meet the wonderful community members I may never have met otherwise. Secondly, I wanted to help promote my passion, my shop, Country Chic. As I've mentioned (probably too many times) I re-invented myself at 50 years old and turned my passion of vintage home decor into a business perfect for me in so many ways. The first being I get to shop shop shop! I get to peruse vintage shops, auctions, estate sales and meet pickers from all over the province. I have now become my own picker, along with my artist friend Mary. I converted my farmhouse into a gallery of vintage treasures and re-purpose vintage and antique furniture right here in my own home. During the filming of the Million Dollar Neighbourhood, I had the pleasure of meeting the Cupcake Girls. The girls, Lori and Heather, are entrepreneurs who are based in Vancouver. British Columbia. The girls have turned their small cupcake business into a Canada wide empire...they also have their own reality show! For our business week episode for the show, the Cupcake Girls came to give business advice to some of us small business owners in the community. I'm a little nervous I must say, to see how the show will be edited. At any rate, my shop and I will be on national television for all to see! I'm very very excited about this. Tune in Sunday, March 3rd at 8pm Est on the OWN Canada Network to see the episode!! I'll see you then. I'd love to hear your feedback.

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