Reinventing Yourself

Well here it is, my very first blog post!

 I highly doubt I’m interesting enough to have any followers….but I’m going to write one anyway :) I want to start out by chatting about reinventing yourself.

I found myself jobless at 50 years old. Now who wants to be in that position? Not too many people I know…not too many people at any age. So I thought to my 50 year old self…what now? My journey to my lovely vintage shop here in my old farmhouse in Ontario, Canada was an interesting one….hey, maybe I’m more interesting than I thought?

Anyhoo, I had to sell my wee bungalow, due to my unemployment situation and the journey lead me to rent this old farmhouse in a rural part of my town. It took two months to paint and clean it to move in condition. It was very run down. My inspiration came when I purchased a beautiful shabby chic harvest table and four ladder back chairs, to fill up the large country kitchen. My first thought was, hey girl, you can do this! Buy an old piece of furniture and paint and distress it!! How hard can it be?

The hard part was going to be starting a business and getting the word out there that I knew what I was doing and I was good at it all the people of the world where going to rush into my lovely new store a buy it all…haha I started out applying for a program through the Ontario Government called the Self-Employment Business Program. I completed their pre-module workshops…applied for the program…dazzled them with my business concept…and wowzers! They picked me for their program.

After two long months of in class workshops…tons and tons of networking, learning and picking up pieces of furniture here and there, I had myself a business! Reinvented at 51!

 I have now been in business with my vintage home decor shop in my home for a year and a half. It’s the very very best job I’ve ever had. I don’t know how I can even classify it as a job when I’m so in love with it.

 The trick to reinventing yourself is to absolutely and undoubtedly, choose something you are passionate about. It’s in you…just think about what it is you love to do…think hey…can I make a living from this passion?

Food for thought ~ warm smile ~ Rhonda

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