For the Love Of Barn Board

For the Love of Barn Board

I've been concentrating on reclaimed wood lately. I absolutely love the look of barn board. So why not turn it into art? I began to look around my work area for odds and ends and little bits and pieces of unused rusty pieces, drawer pulls and whatever was in my path. I figured out a way to re-purpose them and add them to a lonely piece of board and create a piece of art!

The picture below is a beautiful reclaimed piece of wood. It's actually from the end of a vintage crate. The rest of the crate was so badly damaged that I was only able to use the end piece. It sat around for months and then I went on a wood sign extravaganza.

It seems to me that all of the bits and pieces I've been saving, you know the ones....'I can't throw that out, I may need it someday' have really come in handy haha. I love this more creative side of me. Don't get me wrong, I do love my furniture refurbishing, but I need to use the other side of my very old brain ~ smile ~

My next step in to get off my butt and create stained glass like I was a few years ago. To ease my self back in, I used one of my extra vintage windows and added two panes of stained glass, followed by a chalkboard on the bottom. I love how it turned out. I haven't touched my stained glass supplies for nearly a year...and I only cut myself six times haha

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