Branding Country Chic

I’ve been really needing to brand my Country Chic shop!  To make Country Chic my very own.

I desired a caricature of me being all artsy fartsy and talented looking. A cute country but chic looking cartoon woman with paint brush in hand just doing her painting thing with a piece of vintage furniture. I love to look all smart like …while of course, being superbly attractive doing it. Vain till the end!

 I spoke with my talented illustrator friend and I told him that I have two stipulations…one…make me young looking. (Being over 50 and such and what-not and all that tomfoolery) Please make me young and super good looking. Also, the obvious, all of us women desire…make me look thin! …and pah-leese make sure my pre-movember/pre-menopause moustache is not visual to the naked eye.

 My preliminary sketch arrived today and I am beside myself excited and awestricken with his talent…he’s genius ’cause I say he is!! I just cannot wait to see the finish product and share it all with you. It is so important to brand your business. You want to be as successful as you know you can. Branding builds a strong company “essence” that inspires loyalty and trust and provides a level of familiarity and comfort to draw in potential customers. When a piece of furniture leaves my shop, it is a reflection of me…my brand. Although shabby chic furniture isn’t something new and Rachel Ashwell has branded her own shabby chic creations…but all of us are different. We all have our own twists to our businesses.

I adore, I love, I am obsessed with vintage treasures and I love how they incorporate themselves in with the shabby chic/country look. I much prefer the ‘real’ vintage to reproduction. I’ve been networking for the last year and a half since I began my business venture and networking has brought many ‘pickers’ to me. I’ve met the most incredible, eccentric, eclectic gaggle of collectors, pickers and artisans. I’ve learned to pick and barter on my own as well. I love authentic pieces…a reproduction piece has to be very well made for me to love it.

 I will keep you up-to-date with my Country Chic caricature…I hope this lil’ blurb helps any ‘would be’ entrepreneurs out there in the big giant land of small business. I know my new venture with branding will help my business ten-fold. I really believe that it will show the fun side of what Country Chic and I have to offer.

 Cheers my lovely Dears
xo Rhonda

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