For the Love Of Barn Board

For the Love of Barn Board

I've been concentrating on reclaimed wood lately. I absolutely love the look of barn board. So why not turn it into art? I began to look around my work area for odds and ends and little bits and pieces of unused rusty pieces, drawer pulls and whatever was in my path. I figured out a way to re-purpose them and add them to a lonely piece of board and create a piece of art!

The picture below is a beautiful reclaimed piece of wood. It's actually from the end of a vintage crate. The rest of the crate was so badly damaged that I was only able to use the end piece. It sat around for months and then I went on a wood sign extravaganza.

It seems to me that all of the bits and pieces I've been saving, you know the ones....'I can't throw that out, I may need it someday' have really come in handy haha. I love this more creative side of me. Don't get me wrong, I do love my furniture refurbishing, but I need to use the other side of my very old brain ~ smile ~

My next step in to get off my butt and create stained glass like I was a few years ago. To ease my self back in, I used one of my extra vintage windows and added two panes of stained glass, followed by a chalkboard on the bottom. I love how it turned out. I haven't touched my stained glass supplies for nearly a year...and I only cut myself six times haha

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It's been awhile but I've finally have a blog, you had better write on it! Since this is my only web site, I'd best be gettin' to writing. My Facebook site is my bread and butter but I also need another networking outlet for those of you who don't have Facebook. What? Some people don't have Facebook? tee hee....I couldn't live without it, or have a thriving business without it.

I spent the horrible winter in purgatory held up in this meat locker of a farmhouse painting and collecting what I love....vintage treasures!! Since I am void of a social life outside of my house/shop, I thank God for the internet to keep me connected to the outside world. As crappy as my internet is, next worst thing to dial up, I'm grateful.

My Facebook site has grown to over 2500 followers and for that, I am also grateful. I keep connected to followers around the world and it's such a fun world. I make friends and network and connect to people that I would have otherwise never known. We share ideas and creations. It's the creative process that keeps us all going strong.

I'll keep this short! I am attaching some wonderful transformations I created while keeping warm aside my wood stove (very very grateful for that as well).

Re-Love ~ Re-Purposed ~ Re-Cycle...and trying to Remember

Hi All

I've taken my sweet time to write. Instead of excuses, I'll be posting pictures for your viewing enjoyment ;) (hopefully)

Since I haven't written since April, I've completed too many transformations to remember, so I will share two of my favourites.

Have you ever tried to pry veneer off a vintage piece of furniture? Well, it's one of the most difficult tasks to take on if you want to re-purpose a piece that might otherwise end up in a junk pile or a fire pit. Although the process took days, it worked perfectly. The top of the side board cupboard, in the picture below, was damaged on half. So if half of the top is damaged, the whole top has to be removed. But let me tell you, the effort was so worth it. The end result was a beautifully transformed piece that adorns the dining area of my friend Ana's home.

My second piece was a yard sale find. What a steal it was. The owner hated it!! I have a feeling that it was his ex-wife's vanity...she moved out and she must have left it behind. This vanity was in nearly perfect condition. It just needed a wee bit of wood filler and some sanding. This beauty sold in record time. Geeze, why don't I ever keep some of these pieces for myself? Oh right...I'm the chick that buys, re-purposes and sells furniture for a living ~ grin ~

Till next transformation....

LoVe Rhonda